I’m Meghan, a U.S. researcher and law school graduate. I’ve spent roughly two years exploring Kyrgyzstan, its justice system and political world. This website includes my reflections on Kyrgyz life and law.

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  1. Hi Meghan,
    I live in Bishkek and am researching a possible cheese-making business as a means of helping local people become economically self-sustaining. Any information you could send me regarding the cheese making operation G was briefly involved with would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Janet – that’s great and good luck! G’s program was run by Helvetas. They still do a lot of work in KG, though I don’t know if it includes cheesemaking. Check them out at: http://kyrgyzstan.helvetas.org/en/activities/projects/ I think the idea is a really good one and it would have worked for G and her family if not for the (gendered) social pressures that dragged them down. Hopefully times have changed. Or if not, getting buy-in from participants’ entire (extended) family in advance and having both female and male trainers could make this less likely to happen.

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